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China Travel Service Hotel and Huayi Mingdu Hotel Group have reached strategic cooperation

Date: 2023-08-12

On August 11th, China Tourism Group Hotel Holdings Co., Ltd. (referred to as "CTS Hotels") and Jiangsu Huayi Mingdu Hotel Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Huayi Mingdu Hotel Group") signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province. Fan Dongsheng, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of CTS Hotel, Shen Yifeng, President of Huayi Mingdu Hotel Group, Chen Jun, Vice President, and Liu Weimin, Vice President, attended the signing ceremony.

China Tourism Group Hotel Holdings Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Tourism Group, integrating advanced international hotel management experience and China's rich historical and cultural heritage. It is committed to providing quality services that keep up with the times and showcasing the charm of a constantly improving national brand. Huayi Mingdu Hotel Group is renowned for its culinary management advantages, with two core brands: "Mingdu Taste" and "Familial Mingdu". It has a high reputation in Jiangsu Province and even across the country. There is extensive cooperation space between the two sides in terms of development strategy, professional capabilities, and other aspects.

According to the cooperation agreement, both parties will establish a strategic cooperation relationship, focusing on comprehensive cooperation around member resource sharing, catering projects, dual brand operations, etc., fully leveraging their respective advantages in resources, projects, qualifications, and other aspects, actively exploring various cooperation models, and continuously strengthening the coordinated development of resources and brands.

During his stay in Changzhou, Chairman Fan Dongsheng also conducted research on the Zhongwu Hotel and business hotel Wenpu Hotel, a cultural homestay project under Jinling Group that specializes in government reception, the Wenqi Hotel in Qingguo Lane and surrounding markets, the Jintan Cultural Tourism Project - Mingdu Manor Restaurant on No.1 Farm, the National Five Diamond Kitchen and Liaoshen Hall Specialty Restaurant of Jiangnan Mingdu International Hotel, and the Oriental Salt Lake City project under Longkong Group.

At various project sites, Chairman Fan Dongsheng had in-depth discussions with relevant responsible persons to gain a detailed understanding of hotel occupancy rates, per room returns, investment returns, and decoration costs. Yan Hao, General Manager of Marketing Department of China Travel Service Hotel, accompanied the research.