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Map of the hotel
The Beijing Qomolangma Hotel (Beijing Zhumulangma Binguan) is located close to such top Beijing attractions as Shichahai, Guanyue Temple, Beijing Bell Tower and the Drum Tower.

Guestrooms in this Beijing hotel feature a Chinese-style decor.

The on-site restaurant specializes in Tibetan dishes while Sichuan and Cantonese cuisines are also served. Friday nights in the restaurant see guests treated with special performances.[View Detail]
住客评论 136条评论     4.4分/5分 更多
  • anmao945
    Hotel environment really nice, quaint, quiet, there is also a small backyard, surrounded by old hutongs in Beijing, Soong Ching ling's former residence in the front, across an alley is in Houhai, the traffic is very convenient. staff enthusiasm, breakfast variety, and are less expensive.
  • Janmes
    It's OK
  • duan448
    Very satisfied
  • marujo
    Is Tibet standing Beijing do, you said location good bad. Dalai Lama Beijing designed of to son. hotel itself is attractions, is located in Sekioka Temple of most front a into yard. behind has a small hospital, ancient trees. but again back on cannot into has. should is Office of to son. room is big, two Zhang 1.1 meters of single bed spell into of big bed, around of space also can dance. antique of classical furniture, high back Chair. Street but little are not noisy. out on has bus station,Through the Hutong is Houhai, this street is deshengmen Gate Tower, is a drum tower. the whole road is 3, 4 Station Road, strolling around the old hutongs will come to the end ... well worth the price, recommended in this district.
  • fandf1985
    Staff were very friendly, the unique characteristics of the environment, traffic is very convenient!
  • calmanny
    Hotel facilities, location, location is very good, away from the sea, very close to the drum tower, 10 minutes to walk, around many restaurants, dinner is easy.
  • cenru
    Hotel location is very good, suitable for tourism facilities alone.
  • cellmen
    Very nice courtyard, love, service was very good, the only fly in the ointment is that breakfast is not included in
  • fanfanly
    Generally small in size, but the hotel is great
  • mltang
    Convenient hotel location, after the 10 minutes. services in General, needs to be improved.
  • andy07
    Single room for two people, toiletries and the like is a, rather than two, high prices, service very good, overall is good!
  • cassie_lu
    Overall good
  • guoying
    Hotel is well located, convenient, quiet, Tibet is on the edge of Beijing Office. hotel are attractions, is located in Sekioka first entered the courtyard of the temple. There is a small courtyard behind, and ancient trees. antique furniture, high-back chairs.
  • a43639616
    Stay two nights, health and surrounding environment are good, because there are children, hotel has two single beds together, slept very comfortable! bed linens quilts are very clean!
  • panasmart
    Location close to Houhai. quiet. Chinese-style decoration. booking single room no. direct for a larger room, Zambia
  • Delia4
    Nice is very special
  • doudou0128
    Which is very nice
  • dlw906865
    Nice live comfortable
  • e02096196
    Rooms are small, clean and very quiet around location, not far from the sea. 1 and point walk back to the hotel stay in Houhai. disadvantage is that bad for a taxi at the door ... overall good impression.
  • guyuxian88
    Tibet's Beijing Office, second floor, more than 10 rooms, good facilities, very health, quiet
  • jojoibobo
    Good, good ... ... ....
  • jiameimei
    Very clean, the front desk service is also very good ... especially good location, close to the sea, convenient to the places such as Prince Gong's mansion
  • puyanger
    Hotel is good, cheap is good
  • trulycool
    It's OK
  • dsy_429
    Well, is close to the street, a bit noisy
  • Benlaoba
    Hotel in shichahai West, walk through small alley on can to shichahai, away from Houhai, pouch oblique Street, South drums Xiang are not far, if not too tired are can walking past. is not Metro intersection at, took with luggage on slightly explicit trouble. except towel old old of outside, other clean. breakfast is Jane meal, if catch time can Hotel eat. General also good.
  • alian110
    Great location
  • bcmiss
    Other good near from the sea, is the noise is so bad
  • am1277
    Very like it!
  • ada_ma42
    Hotel in good location, Houhai and the South Gong and drum lane is very convenient. sister were very friendly at the front desk, next time will stay
  • amber966
    No feelings, attitude at the front desk.
  • davidglg
    Environment is particularly good, very like ... very good
  • ca4104
    Rooms are comfortable, decor very good, very clean, overall very satisfied.
  • e01769156
    Good environment can be recommended
  • usanarobert
    Okay it! in Houhai
  • e02822012
    Elegant environment, scenery, feeling very good, convenient
  • lilly
    Go easy!
  • abbiebabby
    Convenience, hygiene, good service, has repeatedly admitted.
  • andy12
    Location is great!
  • donald1107
    In a quiet, is close to the distance of Houhai, to airport is around 1 hour. environment didn't have said. snacks around.
  • lunee
    In here live has 3 late, front desk of guy and beauty are special good, I is first times to Beijing, route not familiar, front desk of guy is carefully of to I design line, told I how sat Metro, how sat bus. also is is good of hotel. facilities also good, clean health, only bad of is Hall no public of toilet, because I is ahead of check out, zhihou sat in Hall rest, didn't place wash.
  • Ayven
    Hotel is located in dongcheng district, on the edge of gulou West Street is old street, live here, such as walking in Beijing's history.
  • leejaywang
    Very good! money. breakfast are also available, will stay again, will recommend friends stay
  • reneeyeo
    Beijing Office of the Tibet Hotel special room on the first floor, room supplies are high-grade goods, although with long maintenance really old. in Desheng gate near Houhai are convenient to the great wall.
  • mancyjian
    Hotel is near the attractions, and the antique, clean. it's facilities and old
  • Louiselou
    Nice, quiet and very clean, deep sea transport facilities.
  • lsi618
    Hotels in Beijing, courtyard, is good, is believed to have been living unit officers have come.
  • e02695074
    I will always remember this visit in Beijing, and the Qomolangma Hotel was just as great. Thank yoU!
  • billxiao888
    In old street, hotel is located in deshengmen near, to wall is convenient. from Metro to go points road, 1 km within. around dinner convenient, has features. breakfast near has home celebrates Feng bun Pu, assured breakfast. near Houhai, turned turned feel is good, has old Beijing breath. also has hotel within service is good, need items can at any time communication. access rooms regional to card, security.
  • e01548021
    Which is very nice!